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About Us

The company has rapidly grown in size and importance in the pandemic over the past 3 years. It specializes in the sale of medical equipment, especially antigen tests and face masks. It has a fast and efficient Supply Chain from China and has already established a firm partnership with German companies. The company is ready to enter further markets in Germany for the medical sector and is always looking for growth opportunities. With an international background and insights, the company has a broad network and a comprehensive view of the industry.

Visions for the future

The company has specialized in the use of innovative technologies and methods focused to ensure that it can offer its customers high quality and reliability. It strives to constantly understand the needs of its customers and the market, and to respond quickly to changes. With a strong commitment to its customers and an unwavering focus on growth and expansion, the company is well positioned to succeed in the future.

This company goes beyond the traditional retail business and invests in the future of e-commerce. It builds a digital marketing platform to enable its customers to shop easily and conveniently. The company pursues an integrated business strategy that not only addresses the needs of its customers and suppliers, but also adds value to the market. It focuses on optimizing its value chain while achieving higher customer satisfaction and a better market position. With a strong combination of traditional retail business and digital e-commerce, the company is well positioned to help shape the future of the industry and provide a better experience for its customers.

The team behind Mede Q

The team behind the company is an international and diverse teamwhich is committed to expansion beyond the borders of Germany. With a strong network in Asia and Europe, it is well positioned to offer a wide range of products and services. The team is agile and prepared for unexpected events, which gives it an Good flexibility and adaptability lends. It also works systematically and efficiently, resulting in smooth processes and rapid response to customer needs.

With a strong combination of international experience, agile adaptability and systematic efficiency, the team is well positioned to succeed and satisfy its customers.

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